Monday, 4 May 2009

i haven't been blogging as much.....there's an election on!!!

Gabhaigí mo letihscéal as an easpa bhlagadóireacht ar na mallaibh a chairde ghael, ta muid i bhfoirm feachtais toghchána agus ta fhéin fíor gníomhach, mar a gcéanna le gníomhaithe shinn féin fud fad na tíre seo!!

Sorry for the lack of blogging lately friends and comrades, we in sinn féin are on the election footing of late and like most of the party throughout ireland that's where attentions will be firmly fixed between now and june 4th.

I will do my best to get on and blog between now and then as regularly as possible, in the meantime for anyone who actually cares the twitter is going strong over at

in the meantime why not read the latest bulletin for the rosetta area of south belfast over at

san idirlinn beirigí bua!!!

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