Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Honour Ireland's Dead, wear an Easter Lily

Sinn Féin today launched it's drive encouraging citizens across Ireland to honour our nation's Patriot Dead with the simple act of wearing an Easter Lily.

My morning began in Milltown cemetary, at the Republican plot, where activists from across the city joined belfast Mayor Tom Hartley in encourgaing Belfast people to wear the Lily.

It was then up to the party offices at Stormont where the Assembly team gathered to do the same.
I have no doubt I'll be blogging on Easter and the importance of the time, closer to the date. However more and more people are asserting their right to commemorate our Patriot Dead with the simple symbol of the Lily.
At today's event in Stormont we gathered where Francie Brolly MLA sang a song on the heroes of 1916, Náilín Mc Póilín (Ard Chomhairle) then read the Proclomation of the Irish Republic, Conor Murphy gave a few words on the importance of Easter and Easter Lily, we then finished with Francie Brolly singing the National Anthem, Amhráin na bhFiann. The event was chaired completely as Gaeilge by Sinn Féin activists Rosie McCorley.
Lá deas, speisialta a bhí ann.

Sunday, 29 March 2009

gerry adams' pays tribute to Marie Moore

Marie (seated front right)
Gerry A has written a very nice peice over on léargas about the late Marie Moore.

you can read it here


Wednesday, 25 March 2009

first Barack Obama speaks the mother tounge, now Brian O'Driscoll

"win the game..............sin é!"

Is féidir Gaeilge Brian a cluinstean ag deireadh an agallamh seo ar You Tube


so i have finally broken........

.....................and now i'm also on twitter!!!


Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Ó Donnghaile condemns Short Strand British Army recruitment drive

Statement released earlier today.........

Ó Donnghaile condemns Short Strand British Army recruitment drive

Sinn Féin’s East Belfast Representative Niall Ó Donnghaile has branded the decision to distribute recruitment literature for the British Army in the Short Strand area as both ‘inappropriate’ and ‘deeply offensive’.

Speaking today Mr Ó Donnghaile said,

“Yesterday like many other residents in the Short Strand I was surprised to find glossy recruitment literature for the British ‘Territorial Army’ in my letter box. I have been contacted by a number of residents highlighting their offence at this move since then.

The Short Strand is an area that has suffered greatly at the hands of numerous British Army regiments over a long number of years.

I spoke with one resident today, whose brother was gunned down by the British Army on the streets of this Parish while going about his daily business; understandably he is deeply hurt and angry that this literature would be directed at trying to recruit his sons into that same Army, I share his anger at the move.

Society in the North is moving on; even Hugh Orde accepts that there is no need for the British Army to return to our streets. There is also no need for this inappropriate and offensive attempt by the British TA to recruit young Irish people from this community under false promises of some sort of worthwhile career.” CRÍOCH

Monday, 23 March 2009

East Belfast DPP 'Public Forum for Discussion'

The East Belfast District Policing Partnership Sub-Group (chaired by Sinn Féin Councillor Gerard O'Neill) will be holding a 'Public Forum for Discussion' on Tuesday 31st March at the Mount Conference Centre in the east of the city.

The purpose of the Forum is to allow different statutory agencies, including the PSNI, community organisations, community and political representatives as well as individuals to come and discuss issues of concern around community safety etc.

Obviously it is of vital importance that residents of that part of the city have as much a say as possible into the nature of policing within the area. The DPP is one mechanism to do this and any intention to broaden out engagement should be welcomed.

I am confident that many grassroots organisations will be there to highlight their difficulties with policing and community safety issues in the greater east Belfast area. It is vital that we ensure that our voices are heard and that we have an effective and reflective input into the PSNI's policing plan for this part of the city.

If this event allows for that important work and is of benefit to citizens on the ground then it must be welcomed.

I'd ask people if they are able then they should go and ensure that they have an impact on the policing plan and community safety in east Béal Feirste.

Gerry Adams says people should either be charged or released

Tá Uachtarán Shinn Féin Gearóid Mac Adhaimh i ndiaidh agallamh a dhéanamh leis na méan cumarsáide i Stormont.

Gerry Adams has just spoken to the media at Stormont regarding his concerns at the coninued detention of those people arrested in connection with the recent shootings.

This comes following a statement from the party last week.

Beidh tú abálta é a fhéiceál ar nuacht UTV níos moille, you will be able to view some of the interview on the UTV news later on no doubt.

In the meantime the statements can be viewed here http://www.ardfheis.com/?p=883 and here http://www.ardfheis.com/?p=830

concerns around electoral discrimination......

Sinn Féin's Daithí McKay (the youngest MLA in the Assembly) has just taken to his feet in the Assembly, moving the Party's motion on concerns regarding electoral registration in the Six Counties.
This is of course an issue of concern for citizens becoming increasingly concerned at growing levels of disenfranchisement emanating from the Electoral office.
Many people are finding themselves either removed from the electoral register or coming up against numerous obstacles from getting their names on it!
This is an increasing issue of concern for Sinn Féin right across the Six Counties. I myself know of several occasions where citizens in the Short Strand area of East Belfast are finding themselves targets of Douglas Bain's crusade of disenfranchisement.
This is not good enough and will not be tolerated; people fought and fought hard to ensure the right to vote was secured. These synical and blatantly deliberate attempts at harrassing pensioners for 1 penny fines for not giving their national insurance numbers or targeting large families because Bain's suggestion is that if more than 7 adults live in the one house then something must be suspect, are compeletly unacceptable.
It will be interesting to see how the parties vote on this motion, the SDLP's Pat Ramsey has just indicated his support for it. As for the Unionist bench's, hopefully they will see beyond petty party politics and get real to the fact that working class Unionists/Loyalists/Protestants are being targted and victims of this process just as much as anyone else.
We must all wake up to this issue and we must all work to ensure that people's right to vote is secured.

What a match

D'amharc mé ar an cluiche rugbaí inne idir Éireann agus an Bhreatain Bheag, cluiche tharr barr a bhí agus bhain mé a lán sult as!

Usually I'm not particularly enthused by Rugby, I'd try and watch the odd international match when Ireland are playing but usually it's GAA or soccer for me.

I settled down to watch the 6 Nations Final between Éire and Cymru yesterday and was mightly impressed by the action, and by the noise of the Irish fans within the brilliant Millenium Stadium in Cardiff.

Sport is a great way to inspire hope and provide entertainment, especially in a time of economic doom and gloom and i am sure Ireland's Grand Slam win, as well as Bernard Dunne's victory will be enjoyed across the nation over the coming days and weeks.

I know I was certainly impressed by the exciting match i watched yesterday and if Ireland continue to play like that in the Rugby then I could soon find myself becoming increasinly more interested in following it!!
comhgairdeas d'Éireann

Friday, 20 March 2009

Even Obama has a cúpla focal....

It was revealed during the st patrick's day celebration's that US President Barack Obama asked Taoiseach Brian Cowen the Irish for his election campaign slogan 'yes we can' Cowen obliged and told him, 'is féidir linn'.

Afterwards O'Bama repeated the phrase competently and fluently.
here's a video clip from RTÉ news http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XsMI0IgFnEM

who said the irish language is dead????

Thursday, 19 March 2009

get your name on the Housing waiting list!!!

I revealed on the blog last month that 27 apartments at the top of the short strand were to be used by clanmill for social housing units, you can read the story here http://glormhicairt.blogspot.com/2009/02/good-news-for-short-strand.html

DSD Minister Margaret Ritchie has also welcomed the news http://www.dsdni.gov.uk/index/news_items/ritchie-welcomes-social-110309.htm

We all know the level of housing need within the short strand area, i deal with people every single day looking to remain in the area they grew up in. Demand is high and given that the Housing Executive works of a points based common selection list it is vitally important that people get their names down now!

We in Sinn Féin can help, you can contact our office on 02890243194 for any help or assistance you might require. You can also apply online at the HE's website on http://www.nihe.gov.uk/index/yh-home/apply_for_a_home.htm

Ar aghaidh libh - Let's get going and we can continue to ensure that we tackle the housing shortage in this part of east belfast!

Intensive Irish Language course for Sinn Féin members

Bailligh breis agus 40 gníomhaithe de chuid Shinn Féin i gCumann Rodaí Mhic Corlaigh de Sathairn fa choinne dianchúrsa Gaeilge eagraithe mar chuid de imeachtaí an pháirtí fa choinne Seachtain na Gaeilge 2009.

Thosaigh an lá le leacht ó Ciarán Dunbar ar tabhacht na gaeilge sa streachailt.

Bhain mé sult as meanrang a glacadh agus ta súil agam go raibh mé mar chuidiú acu siúd atá ag iarraidh dul ar aghaidh leis an teanga a fhoghlaim.

Beidh dianchúrsa eile eagraithe ag Roinn an Chultúir an Pháirtí i gceann cúpla mhí, beidh mé ann arís cinnte!!!

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

great crowd at yesterday's parade

I ventured out onto the mountpottinger road yesterday afternoon to watch the saint patrick's day parade around the short strand, bhí se ar dóigh agus bhí slua ollmhór i láthair.

Seemed like the biggest crowd yet for our local saint patrick's event and i have no doubt it'll only get bigger!

The kids really seemed to enjoy the fun day in the Doyle and it certainly went on for a good long while.

Is rud deas e go bhfuil muid abalta an céiliúradh seo a bheith againn go háitiúl sa cheantar, maith sibh achan duine a glach pairt agus go háirithe iadsúid sa doyle a deagraigh achan rud!

For what died the Sons of Róisín?

For What Died the Sons of Róisín, was it fame?
For What Died the Sons of Róisín, was it fame?
For what flowed Irelands blood in rivers,That began when Brian chased the Dane,
And did not cease nor has not ceased,With the brave sons of ´16,
For what died the sons of Róisín, was it fame?
For What Died the Sons of Róisín, was it greed?
For What Died the Sons of Róisín, was it greed?
Was it greed that drove Wolfe Tone to a pauper’s death in a cell of cold wet stone?
Will German, French or Dutch inscribe the epitaph of Emmet?
When we have sold enough of Ireland to be but strangers in it.
For What Died the Sons of Róisín, was it greed?
To whom do we owe our allegiance today?
To whom do we owe our allegiance today?
To those brave men who fought and died that Róisín live again with pride?
Her sons at home to work and sing,Her youth to dance and make her valleys ring,
Or the faceless men who for Mark and Dollar,Betray her to the highest bidder,
To whom do we owe our allegiance today?
For what suffer our patriots today?
For what suffer our patriots today?
They have a language problem, so they say,
How to write "No Trespass" must grieve their heart full sore,
We got rid of one strange language now we are faced with many, many more,
For what suffer our patriots today?

Monday, 16 March 2009

Don't forget the St Patrick's celebrations in the Strand!!

Rinne mé blag giota thíos ar na himeachtaí atá ar siúl sa cheantar le linn na saoire náisiúnta. Déan cinnte go mbeidh tú linn!!!

Sa phictúir thuas tá mé fhéin agus ionadaithe eile ó Fóram na Trá Ghiorra, Páirtíocht na Trá Ghiorra agus Ard Mheara Béal Feirste Tom Hartley le linn Féile an Trá Ghearr sa samhradh.

Gerry A blog's stateside

Tá Uachtarán an pháirtí a blagáil leis thall ar léargas

Gerry Adams is currently blogging on his trip to the US for the Saint Patrick's Day celebrations. No doubt it'll be well worth the read over the coming days.....

Friday, 13 March 2009

Neart Altanna Gaeilge sa Phoblacht le linn SnaG

Tá a lán ailt trí mheán na gaeilge san Phoblacht an seachtaine seo (dár ndóigh bíonn altanna gaeilge ann achan seachtain) mar gheall ar céiliúradh seachtain na gaeilge 2009

is féidir leat an chóip is déanaí a léamh ar http://www.anphoblacht.com/

Lá na Feile Pádraig sa Trá Ghearr - St Patricks Day in the Short Strand

Achan bhliain déanann muintir na Trá Ghiorra céiliúradh ar Lá na Féile Pádraig. Bíonn neart imeachtaí ar fáil d'achan duine, idir óg agus aosta.

The schedule of events for this years St Patricks Day is out and being delivered door to door in the Strand.

I measc na himeachtaí áirithe tá:

10:45r.n. - Céiliúradh Aifreann na Féile Pádraig / Celebration of Mass for St Patrick - In St. Matthews Parish Church

11:30r.n. - 1:00i.n. Ceol, Damhsa agus Sólaistí / Music, Irish Dancing and Refreshments - This event is organised by St. Matthews School Parent's Group and will be held in the Parochial Hall

1:00i.n. - Lón do Phinsinéirí / Lunch for Pensioners - This will be held in the community centre and followed by music and bingo

2:00i.n. - Mórshiúl do teaghlaigh sa ceantar / Family Parade around the area

2:30i.n. - La Spraoi i gCumann Óige an Dáil / Fun Day in Doyle Youth Club

Neart imeachtaí fa choinne achan duine!

The leaflet going around the area with the Clár for the events has a very good poem from, I presume a budding poet in the Doyle Youth Club, I like the second verse of his/her poem,

"If you come from our neighbouring area

or even across the bridge

we will sing you a song and make no fuss

whoever you are, you are one of us"

nach fíor í sin?!

Thursday, 12 March 2009

East Belfast Herald

A number of months ago I joined with other community, political and church representatives from across East Belfast at the launch of the ‘East Belfast Herald’ a new newspaper aimed at the varied and long established communities throughout that part of the city.

The paper was launched by the Employment and Learning Minister Reg Empey; this was fitting given that the paper has an established connection with the Belfast Metropolitan College. In fact, on the day it was recognised that two of the paper’s staff journalists had passed through that academy and achieved their journalism credentials with BMC.

I have been following the Herald now since its inception and think it is a great paper for the east!

Unlike others that have gone before it, the Herald, led by its editor Fiona Rutherford is making a very real attempt at expressing the voice and the feelings of all communities in East Belfast. That includes the Short Strand, an area often overlooked within the political establishment of East Béal Feirste. Dare I say it; I have even made it into the paper on several occasions!!

Naturally, because of our history it will be incredibly difficult to get a paper that suits everyone but that’s ok, differences, discussions and debates are healthy and necessary.

We have come some way when an aul Shinner like me can be seen and read about throughout the constituency.

I know the paper is doing it’s best to make itself relevant and available to the people of Saint Matthews Parish and that is a good thing. As all of us in East Béal Feirste continue to build on the groundwork of getting to know and understand each other the Herald can play an important role in the time ahead.

I am an Irish Republican, I am also a Socialist, I am the Sinn Féin Party Representative in East Belfast, not everyone in that part of the City is going to agree with or even like that, it is important though that that view is heard; much the same as all the other strands of political and social outlook in this very broad and diverse constituency, from the DUP to UUP, from the PUP to Alliance, from Sinn Féin to the Green Party and everyone else in between!

I have and continue to wish the paper well for the future, go néirí libh, and I am confident it has a place within all the different districts throughout this part of the city. I hope the Herald keeps up the good work and I hope it continues to grow in a climate that isn’t very healthy for newspaper publications, I also hope it continues to build an affinity with the citizens of this constituency and it becomes rightly viewed as a vehicle and platform for the news and views of the people.

Go néirí an bóthair libh!

Re-vamped Sinn Féin Website

You can have a look at the re-vamped Sinn Féin website over at

This is a temporary site until the party's new website is launched next month

Saturday, 7 March 2009

suíomh den scoth ag Coláiste Feirste

Tháinig mé ar suíomh idirlínne seán scoil s'agam, is é sin Méanscoil, nó Coláiste Feirste na laethanta seo fiú!

Is féidir amharc air ar http://www.colaistefeirste.com/

A lán athraithe is léir ó a bhí mise mar dalta óg ann tamailín ó shin anois (dia ar sábhail tá mé amuigh as le sé bhliana anuas!!!)

Ach ar aon nós, ádh mór leis an suíomh, is áis den scoth é chun obair an scoil a phoibliú, sin agus an nuachtlitir fosta.

Is mór an trua nach bhfuil áis ann do iar-dhaltaí

One step closer to the closure of Mountpottinger Barracks

Good news for those of us concerned with policing reform here in the North, or those of us concerned with the appropriate use of policing resources; the closure of Mountpottinger PSNI Barracks has come one step closer following a Private meeting of the East Belfast DPP on Thursday night.

The DPP, following a presentation from the PSNI at their last public meeting was tasked with recommending what should happen this particular facility. Most people will know I and Sinn Féin have been lobbying long and hard to remove this blight on our area. The costs involved in it's retention are astronomical, given the fact that it houses one small neighbourhood policing team and is only open on a part time basis.

Those facts have been blogged on by myself extensively in the past, you can read about them here http://glormhicairt.blogspot.com/2009/01/why-mountpottinger-must-go.html and here http://glormhicairt.blogspot.com/2009/02/psni-make-case-for-mountpottingers.html

The good news however is that the DPP has voted to recommend that this base be closed, that will then go to the Policing Board as well as the PSNI Chief Constable (and we all know how he feels about the issue of Mountpottinger!)

The vote was 4 for and 4 against, Cllr O'Neill of Sinn Féin and Chair of the East Belfast DPP then has the casting vote, unsurprisingly he voted for it's closure.

This is good news, good news for the people of the Short Strand, good news for community safety and policing issues in the East of the City and good news for anyone who realises that in the midst of an economic crisis we cannot be wasting money on retaining militarised forts simply for the sake of retaining them and to keep the DUP content that the rowdy natives are having this fortress forced upon them.
Those days are over, buíochas le Dia and Mounpottinger going is good for society here in the North of Ireland!

Páirtíocht na Trá Ghiorra - Short Strand Partnership UPDATE

we had our monthly board meeting of the Short Strand Partnership yesterday.

Primarily this meeting focused on community safety issues and the impact the Short Strand community is having on the East Belfast District Policing Partnership and the Policing Plan for the area. Sinn Féin Councillor and chair of the East Belfast DPP Gerard O'Neill gave a presentation to the Board on the role and remit of the DPP and his plans for his year in that Chair.

It was useful exchange in that it further allows the Board members within their own relevant fields to keep the community informed of how they can actively hold policing to account in the area through the DPP mechanisms.

A number of other issues were contained within the Clár, including the current status of the 'Pottinger's Quay' development at the top of the Short Strand. It's that time of year again and the Partnership will be implementing it's Spring-Clean in the area, this is always well received and a great help to the area. Importantly the current on-going work to combat anti community activity at the interfaces was discussed and how best we develop this initiative to firstly, make our area safe for everyone to live in and enjoy and secondly, make sure we are holding all the relevant bodies and statutory agencies to account, go bunúsanch, making sure they are doing their jobs!

I'll try my best to blog on the on-going wok of the partnership and in particular the monthly meetings of it and the sub groups that I sit on. It's important that we keep the community up to date.

Beir Bua

The Men of Art

The Men of Art have lost their heart,
They dream within their dreams.
Their magic sold for price of gold
Amidst a people’s screams.
They sketch the moon and capture bloom
With genius, so they say.
But n’er they sketch the quaking wretch
Who lies in Castlereagh.

The poet’s word is sweet as bird,
Romantic’s tale and prose.
Of stars above and gentle love
And fragrant breeze that blows.
But write they not a single jot
Of beauty tortured sore.
Don’t wonder why such men can lie,
For poets are no more.

Óglach Bobby Sands MP

Gerry Adams comments on Brit 'Special' Forces deployment

Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams has added his voice to the dispute around Hugh Orde's re-deployment of so-called British 'Special' Forces. Just got this from the Sinn Féin Party Website.

You can read Gearóid's statement http://www.sinnfein.ie/news/detail/37763

Alex Vs Alex

I know who I think won!
But you can make your own mind up, whatever about it, Alex Attwood and Alex Maskey's 'exchange' on Thursday Night's Hearts and Minds is certainly getting talked about both on-line and in 'real life'!
The issue was on the subject of devolution of Policing & Justice Powers to locally elected representatives here in Ireland.
The interview speaks for itself and unlike the other bloggers and those who fancy themselves as online political experts, I will let people have their own opinions on this discussion because I do believe it is certainly one of the more interesting on H&M's for quite some time!
You can view the exchange on youtbue, here
Alex.............just tell us how? And who with?

Friday, 6 March 2009

clearer picture of the cheque

Medical Aid for Palestine

Griangraf: mé fhéin, Alex Maskey CTR, Dr Saed Sha'ath (MAP) agus Bairbre de Brún FPE ag tabhairt an Seic d'Saed

Thug Bairbre de Brún FPE leachta s'aici ar a gcuid táithí sa Gaza aréir sa chultúrlann, bhí sé iontach suimiúl agus ag an am céanna iontach brónach fosta.

Bairbre's talk last night was very interesting but at the same time very disheartening, it's hard to listen to what the people of gaza are going through in such vivid terms.

She was joined by Dr Saeb Sha'ath from Irish MAP

He also spoke about hsi own life in Gaza city and what inspired he and others to form the charitable organisation.

Obviously the story of gaza and the suffering of the Palestinian people is one too long and too traumatic for this particular blog, I don't believe I could do their cause justice, but I will say that Bairbre did Sinn Féin proud in representing our people in solidarity with comrades in gaza.

Dr Sha'ath was formally presented with the cheque from Sinn Féin following the massive fundraising drive carried out by the party.

Thursday, 5 March 2009

Constituency survey still on-going

South & East Belfast Sinn Féin Comhairle Ceantair are continuing to carrying out our constituency survey throughout those parts of the city.

We're out and about in the Balmoral area and getting as good a response as we got in Rosetta and Ravenhill!

I think people really appreciate it, even if they aren't Sinn Féin voters, a party coming to their doors and getting the chance to engage with them both politically and on local issue effecting them on the ground.

We'll be out again tonight and after last night I'll have to make sure I add on about an extra 3 or 4 layers of clothing, bhí siocaigh fuair!!!

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

I have never considered hugging a tree.........

..........although on the other hand i have no objection to it either!

I do see however that that is the advice given by the Party President over on his latest blog on 'Léargas'


I must say it is an interesting enough read, particularly the connection between tree's and our Gaeilge place names. Of course hurling and Antrim get a few mentions as well but as a Co Down man I'll choose to ignore those!

Sadly we haven't got too many tree's over in the Short Strand and maybe that's an issue needing looked at in itself, but after reading Gerry's point's I'll certainly give the aul tree-hugging due consideration.

Croí mór isteach do na chrainn!!!

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Twittering away......

Sinn Féin have found their way on to 'Twitter'

You can access the latest news and be kept up to date by the party at http://twitter.com/sinnfeinireland

Bear in mind it's early days but if anyone wants they can follow the site

Beir Bua

Bairbre de Brún - Eyewitness account from Gaza

Sinn Féin's Six County MEP Bairbre de Brún returned home from Palestine yesterday after having spent time their on a cross-party EU delegation to view at first hand the devastation caused to the area following the latest Israeli bombardment.

Understandably the trip impacted upon her and she was just home but she felt compelled to go on to Stormont Live and start the process of letting people here in the North know what is going on.

Afterwards we headed round for a cup of tea, Bairbre was filling me in on some of the things she saw, I could see it had clearly effected her; unsuprisingly of course.

She will be speaking about her experience in the Cultúrlann on Thursday the 5th March at 6:30pm

She will be joined by Dr Saeb Sha'ath of the charity Irish Medical Aid for Palestine. At this event the party will hand over the money from the massive fund-raising drive it carried out across Béal Feirste.

People should try their best to go along and get just a brief insight into the real situation in Gaza

You can read Bairbre's Blog from Gaza as well as watch video interviews over on www.sinnfeineu.com

lainseáil Seachtain na Gaeilge 2009

Mise, Rosie McCorley, Nóilín Nic Phóilín (Ard Chomairle), Cáitríona Ruane CTR, Martina Anderson CTR, Raymond McCartney CTR agus Cathoirleach Shinn Féin i mBéal Feirste Bobby Storey (agus neacht Cáitríona, Dearbhlagh ar chúl)

Cuireadh tús le himeachtaí Shinn Féin do Seachtain na Gaeilge i Stormont inné.

Thosaigh na himeachtaí le lainseáil lámhleabhair 'Gaeilge Riachtanach do ball Shinn Féin'

Tá neart rudaí eile ag titm amach, is féidir níos mó sonraí a fháil níos faide síos ar an bhlag seo.

Sunday, 1 March 2009

Eddie Keenan: Ar slí na Fírinne

Is cúis fíor bhróin é bás Eddie, Gael eile atá anois cáilte againn.

Ach is cúis céiliúradh saol Eddié chomh maith.

Gaelgóir, Poblachtánach, Ceoltóir, Éireannach, Cara, Athair agus Seanathair a bhí i Eddie agus is cinnte go mbeidh croí láidreacha ag an Chlann Uí Chianáin faoi láthair.

Cur mé aithne ar Eddie agus mé iontach óg, is minic a glach sé turas thar an droichead ag an nollaig le bheith mar Dáidí na Nollaig againne i Naíscoil Mhic Airt nó thall i ionad Phobail na Margaidh.
Tá aithne mhaith agam ar a níon Máire, mar a gcéanna leis na céadta dálta a d'imigh tríd Bunscoil Phobail Feirste.

Chonaic an Domhain Mhór meoin trodach Eddie i ngariníon s'aige Máire le linn feachtais s'aici a bheith ábalta Gaeilge a labhairt sna cúirteanna sna Sé Chontae.

Fiú muna raibh aithne agat ar Eddie, BHÍ aithne agat ar Eddie, ba caractar ollmhór é i saol Bhéal Feirste. Bhí tionachar tábhachtach aige ar an phobail Ghaelach, an phobal Poblachtánach agus na sluaite eile ar a bharr!

Tá muid buíoch d'Eddie agus streachailt s'aige ar son an Ghaeilge agus ar son na hÉireann.

Tá Eddie anois ar slí na Fírinne, deirfhinn go bhfuil sé ag ceol leis!

I measc laochra na nGael go raibh a anam uasail.