Thursday, 1 April 2010

Getting ready for the election

Getting ready for the election

Election fever, slowly but surely, is beginning to gain momentum.

While others have been seen to be just a tad brass-neck, Sinn Féin have been, for several months now, where it actually matters, not up lamp-posts but on doorsteps..

A lot of the media focus is on the battle within Unionism (given that they know where the nationalist/republican electorate will go) and in particular the ever growing problems within the Irish Tories, the UUP.

In east Belfast we have a politicised and energised electorate; the names for the ballot paper in that constituency is growing week by week and personally, I’m looking forward to the challenge.

East Belfast is the most Unionist constituency in the north of Ireland, for an Irish Republican it can prove difficult to tap into that electorate beyond our traditional support base in the Short Strand. I am confident that through the ongoing engagement with working class Unionism and Loyalism, we are allowing them to see Sinn Féin from a perspective they never have before. The PUL (Protestant/Unionist/Loyalist) community is in growing numbers, availing of the first class services offered by Sinn Féin’s constituency offices right across the north. Clearly they are impressed with the leadership being shown by people like Martin McGuinness as their joint First Minister.

Locally Sinn Féin continues to look ahead, this election will be an important one, and next year in 2011 we have a council seat we are seeking to take back to give those working class communities, Republican or Loyalist, a loud voice in the heart of City Hall once again!

As busy as all candidates become I will do my best to keep you up to date with how things are going. I have outlined before the issues that will no doubt be faced by the candidates in this constituency and many of the others too. I think Sinn Féin’s record in east Belfast and across the Six Counties speaks for itself but that alone is not enough; we will be out and rapping as many doors as we can and speaking with as many people as we can, just like we continue to do regardless of an election or no election.

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  1. Was greeted by your cheery face up on a poster as I came off the motorway this morning!