Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Going forward

Signing the Sinn Féin candidate pledge following my selection as candidate for east Belfast
On Tuesday night I, along with other Sinn Féin activists from the Martin / Treacy Cumann, gathered in the Short Strand Community Centre for the party selection convention to choose the candidate in east Belfast for the upcoming elections.

The activist base gathered selected me to stand for Sinn Féin in east Belfast at both the Council and Assembly elections next year.

I am very grateful to them for placing their trust and confidence in me and I look forward to the challenges ahead, not least retaking the Sinn Féin Council seat for Pottinger.

My nomination will now go the Ard Chomhairle for ratification at the weekend.

Tuesday morning saw Alex Maskey , Conor Murphy and Gerry Adams host a breakfast briefing for business figures from across the city. Alex, Conor and Gerry all took the opportunity to give them a rundown on our economic proposal paper, “There is a Better Way” as well as the work that Sinn Féin have been leading in the south of the city. To the fore of this has been Alex’s central role in attempting to resolve the outstanding problems in the Holyland area; to the mammoth work he has put in alongside Conor Murphy in projects such as traffic calming, residents parking schemes, flood prevention, the TUNNELS project in the Market area, meeting with traders on the Lisburn Road, unprecedented and unmatched engagement in working class loyalist areas like the Village and Donegal Pass, and the list goes on.

After an address from Gerry Adams there was suseful and I think positive question and answers discussion with the business people and the party leadership. I have no doubt this will be the first in a series of engagements with the business and SME sector as we move further on the road to trying to steer us all out of the current economic recession.

On Tuesday night activists from the Strand took to the streets to distribute the latest Sinn Féin bulletin for the area. I hope to have it online soon so you can all get a look.

Tonight I intend on heading to ‘East Belfast Speaks Out’ along with the Sinn Féin panellist for the event; I blogged on the same event last year.

I look forward to an interesting debate.

Labharfaidh muid gan mhoil!

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