Friday, 1 April 2011

Election Campaign 2011

Apologies for the lack of blogging in recent times, while other candidates seems to go into blogging overdrive I can't seem to find the time between putting up posters and rapping doors!

I handed in my nomination papers for the Assembly election yesterday (thanks to everyone who signed them!) at Newtonards. Our photo shows me and my election agent Hugh. Next week I'll submit my nomination papers for the Council elections at Belfast City Hall alongside the other Sinn Féin candidates.

It's a busy time and while every other candidate will tell you canvasses have been 'great', 'brilliant', 'wonderful' srl, I have been happy with the feedback on my own up to this point.

People tend to use the opportunity to either declare their support for what you're doing, raise issues with you, remind you it's they who have the power to elect someone, or indeed tell you to clear off and never darken their door again!

With yesterday evening turning out to have such a bright and pleasant end to the day, we found a lot of people weren't at home while we were on the canvass trail; and who could blame people for taking the opportunity to venture over the bridge for some late shopping or take the kids for a kickabout up in Cherryvale? Or dare I say it, even slide round for a pint or two in St Matts or the Strand Bar??

We were also canvassing in Ravenhill last night, and I'm glad to see people were aware of the fact that in that particular part of the City they vote for Alex Maskey as the south Belfast Assembly candidate and me as the Pottinger Council candidate.

Sin an dóigh!

Well, I'm off for now and will keep up the canvassing and leafleting over the weekend. Maybe if you don't see me on the blog as much we might bump into each other on the door. Beirigí Bua!

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