Monday, 20 July 2009

Hurling on the Hill.........

Things tend to get fairly quiet up on the Hill as the summer recess kicks in.

My press office comrade, David Kennedy and myself, decided it would be good to take advantage of the vast estate surrounding our place of work.

We thought a good way of going about this was to take a dander round the many pathways scattered throughout the estate.

Anyone who ever comes up here will certainly see lots of walkers, runners, dogs out for a bitta craic as well as kids and tourists meandering around the place, taking all in.

This was just a bit too boring for four Belfast Republicans!

It was David, a dedicated Seán Uí Misteil supporter who had the Camáin in the boot of the car from different matches and or training sessions. He suggested we have a bit of a puc during our lunch hour this afternoon.

I was always more of a footballer than a hurler myself so was happy enough to join with Séanna and watch the two west belfast boys go at it (Antrim are a much sounder hurling people than us County Down folk!).

David's skills were evident, Vinty (who also joined us for a stroll from his office the floor above our own) definately recaptured some of his youthful glory days out on the lawn earlier.

Afterwards as we walked back up to work and inevitably passed the infamous statue of Carson, Séanna (who was kind enough to take the pictures) reminded us that Edward was a hurler himself, playing during his days at Trinity College.

I wonder what he would make, looking down at the scene this afternoon, of the four Belfast Republicans, enjoying the same game he did, but this time on the slopes of Stormont???

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  1. Good stuff lads. Any chance you could add my Armagh GAA site to your's as it include's Hurling and Football within the county and Ireland. Its

    I would have contacted you via your email but I don't see one anywhere....