Wednesday, 19 August 2009

I wonder do the SDLP have a problem with this????

South Belfast's MP, MLA and practising Family Doctor Alasdair McDonnell has asked the GAA why the allowed Sunday's National Hunger Strike Commemoration to take place on one of their grounds.

I think it's always important to remember this story (one which the 'mainstream' media were inclined to ignore ) when dealing with Alasdair.

I wonder would Alasdair, or indeed anyone else in the SDLP, take issue with these examples of GAA facilities being used for party political purposes or is it simply when Republicans wish to remember Ireland's Patriot Dead, does a problem arise???

Fianna Fail meeting at Bellfield GAA Centre, Enniscorthy in May 2009

Fine Gael- Michael Collins Public Meeting, March 24 2009


  1. when highlighting expenses then in the spirit of being balanced, maybe you could also include a link to the issue of SF claiming London accomodation at exortionate rates?

  2. Perhaps the irony of the post was lost on you?!

    The reason I posted an example of the SDLP's abuse of that system was because the media was not one bit 'balanced' during the whole situation as they failed to even consider highlighting this monumental abuse.