Thursday, 6 August 2009

Policing Board decision to close and dispose of Mountpottinger PSNI barracks welcomed

Sin é!

After long years of campaigning, protesting and fighting, the Short Strand community is finally to be rided of Mountpottinger Barracks.

I have written on this issue fairly extensively since starting the blog, and regular readers will know all the reasons why we campaigned so tirelessly for such a long time!

All I can say now is that I am delighted, that this is a victory for the Short Strand community and thank them for their continued hard work and support during our shared campaign.

Now work begins to ensure that the land occupied by the Barracks will be given back to the community who suffered so brutally as a result of it's presence.

As I write my letter to DSD Minister Margaret Ritchie is running out of the printer.

Today's news sets us on but our work is not yet over until we such times as the land is secured for the community.

Beirigí Bua!

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  1. Bhuel chara,

    Glad 2 C this barracks with its brutal history being closed and fair play to all involved including UR good self!

    Adh Mhor ort.