Saturday, 4 April 2009

nuacht is déanaí

just reading through the latest copy of the 'Doyley Mirror' the paper produced by the local youth club, the Doyle.

It's a great, consistent wee paper with lots of info about what the kids in the Strand are engaged in from month to month. This month's issue focus on the hard work put in by many at the Doyle to make this year's local St Patrick's Day parade such a success.

It also covers the wide range of projects that many of the groups are involved in, as well as keeping us informed of what services the club provides for a broad range of age groups within our community.
Particular praise must go to the Short Strand Forum, they have been engaged in carrying out a traffic survey in the area, close to the Doyle Youth Club itself. I met and spoke with a number of members of the Forum, they asked me could I arrange for them to meet with Roads Minister Conor Murphy on this issue, I duly obliged and spoke to Conor about it last week. He is more than happy to meet with the group on the issue so hopefully we'll start to see their hard work and the hard work of ourselves in Sinn Féin to reduce traffic flow past the Doyle and School start to pay off!!

Today activists from South & East Belfast Sinn Féin were continuing to distribute the latest party newsletter throughout the constituency. Today it was Ravenhill's turn. We'll be out again tomorrow, who said Sunday was a day of rest??!!!!lol

You can view the latest bulletin @

During the week an electoral registration and ID Clinic was held in the Short Strand community centre, it was a brilliant success. Many people who may not have otherwise been on the list went out of their way to make sure their democratic voice was heard and made sure they were on the list and that they had the necessary ID too!

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