Monday, 6 April 2009

that's my letter off....

as Stevie Wonder would say, 'signed, sealed, delivered'.

That's the letter to the Secretary of the Commission for Local Government Boundary Review.

The reason I'm doing so is because thus far they have chosen to ignore the submissions requesting, where demand is there, recognition of Irish place names within the new local government structures.

At the time I and several others, addressed the commission at Malone House through the medium of Irish. We made our case that where desired and practical, then the commission should allow for the recognition of Irish place names, in most cases the original names of the location anyway!

Hopefully the added pressure will bear fruit, particularly given the fact that over 80% of the original submission were in favour of this position.

Tá meas tuilte ag gaelgóirí ar fud na Sé Chontae ach go hairithe sna áiteanna ina bhfuil sí beo, bríomhar!

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