Monday, 23 March 2009

concerns around electoral discrimination......

Sinn Féin's Daithí McKay (the youngest MLA in the Assembly) has just taken to his feet in the Assembly, moving the Party's motion on concerns regarding electoral registration in the Six Counties.
This is of course an issue of concern for citizens becoming increasingly concerned at growing levels of disenfranchisement emanating from the Electoral office.
Many people are finding themselves either removed from the electoral register or coming up against numerous obstacles from getting their names on it!
This is an increasing issue of concern for Sinn Féin right across the Six Counties. I myself know of several occasions where citizens in the Short Strand area of East Belfast are finding themselves targets of Douglas Bain's crusade of disenfranchisement.
This is not good enough and will not be tolerated; people fought and fought hard to ensure the right to vote was secured. These synical and blatantly deliberate attempts at harrassing pensioners for 1 penny fines for not giving their national insurance numbers or targeting large families because Bain's suggestion is that if more than 7 adults live in the one house then something must be suspect, are compeletly unacceptable.
It will be interesting to see how the parties vote on this motion, the SDLP's Pat Ramsey has just indicated his support for it. As for the Unionist bench's, hopefully they will see beyond petty party politics and get real to the fact that working class Unionists/Loyalists/Protestants are being targted and victims of this process just as much as anyone else.
We must all wake up to this issue and we must all work to ensure that people's right to vote is secured.

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