Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Honour Ireland's Dead, wear an Easter Lily

Sinn Féin today launched it's drive encouraging citizens across Ireland to honour our nation's Patriot Dead with the simple act of wearing an Easter Lily.

My morning began in Milltown cemetary, at the Republican plot, where activists from across the city joined belfast Mayor Tom Hartley in encourgaing Belfast people to wear the Lily.

It was then up to the party offices at Stormont where the Assembly team gathered to do the same.
I have no doubt I'll be blogging on Easter and the importance of the time, closer to the date. However more and more people are asserting their right to commemorate our Patriot Dead with the simple symbol of the Lily.
At today's event in Stormont we gathered where Francie Brolly MLA sang a song on the heroes of 1916, Náilín Mc Póilín (Ard Chomhairle) then read the Proclomation of the Irish Republic, Conor Murphy gave a few words on the importance of Easter and Easter Lily, we then finished with Francie Brolly singing the National Anthem, Amhráin na bhFiann. The event was chaired completely as Gaeilge by Sinn Féin activists Rosie McCorley.
Lá deas, speisialta a bhí ann.

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  1. A chara, you can't get them here in NOR-CAL. Any chance of sending us some? I need about half a dozen. You mention Francie Brolly, I think I met his son, Proinsias in Philadelphia a long time ago. I think hes an Irish schoolteacher now, back in Ireland, not sure, maybe you know him?