Friday, 6 March 2009

Medical Aid for Palestine

Griangraf: mé fhéin, Alex Maskey CTR, Dr Saed Sha'ath (MAP) agus Bairbre de Brún FPE ag tabhairt an Seic d'Saed

Thug Bairbre de Brún FPE leachta s'aici ar a gcuid táithí sa Gaza aréir sa chultúrlann, bhí sé iontach suimiúl agus ag an am céanna iontach brónach fosta.

Bairbre's talk last night was very interesting but at the same time very disheartening, it's hard to listen to what the people of gaza are going through in such vivid terms.

She was joined by Dr Saeb Sha'ath from Irish MAP

He also spoke about hsi own life in Gaza city and what inspired he and others to form the charitable organisation.

Obviously the story of gaza and the suffering of the Palestinian people is one too long and too traumatic for this particular blog, I don't believe I could do their cause justice, but I will say that Bairbre did Sinn Féin proud in representing our people in solidarity with comrades in gaza.

Dr Sha'ath was formally presented with the cheque from Sinn Féin following the massive fundraising drive carried out by the party.

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  1. Casadh orm fir Palestine Déardaoin ar an Ostan ina bhfuil ag obair me. Labhair mé leis faoi an obair ort agus buíoch é. I hope my Irish isn't lost on you. What I was saying was I met a man from Palestine at the hotel where I work and I told him about your work, and he was very grateful.
    I hope my English isn't lost on you.