Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Good news for Short Strand

I received confirmation yesterday that the 27 units currently being built at the top of the Short Strand beside the Albert Bridge are to be used by Clanmill Housing Association for social units.

This is good news for the Short Strand.

I have raised the issue of housing shortages in that area for some time now and this development will of course be of great assistance in helping those people languishing on the housing waiting list.

Appropriately they units are being developed on a historical part of our Parish, the Short Strand itself. I don't know where the name 'Pottinger's Quay' came from, another sad reversal to old colonial, imperial Belfast. I am reassured though that postal address of these units and indeed the other's on 'Pottinger's Quay' are indeed Short Strand.

I will of course be in touch with Clanmill asking them to see if they agree with me, that that particular name bears no significant or relevant connection to that part of the Parish. A lot of the time it shows a great lack of imagination and sadly a laziness to just refer back to irrelevant colonial terminology, it is particularly sad that they do this in an area where it wouldn't be wanted.

This is a historic Parish, with many people impacting upon it, it has a long history going back to the first settlement of the area and that is not reflected anywhere. Is mór an trua sin!

Aside from all of that, the news is to be welcomed, as someone who meets and deals and works on behalf of the many people on the waiting list I am sure it will go some way in relieving the burden on those people.

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