Thursday, 12 November 2009

Aimsir den scoth!

Báiligh muid taobh amuigh den Tionól inniu le céiliúradh a dhéanamh ar 125 bhliana den Cumann Lúithchleas Ghael.

Ar an droch uair bhí aimsir uafásach ann ach sin mar atá an saol is dócha!

We gathered on the Stormont Estate earlier today to join with Tom Daly, President of Ulster GAA, in celebrating 125 years of the GAA.

The weather was miserable but the spirits were high!!

Gerry Adams had hosted the event and it follows on from a similar one held a few months back on the Black Mountain, an Sliabh Dubh.

Above are some quick snaps I got (even I got in for a sneeky one!!), the weather didn’t do me any favours where that was concerned!

As I write my shoes are resting on top of the radiator in the office, they’ll need to be there a while!

Ach ar aon nós, go mairfidh na crainn agus go n-eirí leis an CLG le 125 bliain eile!!
The weather was that bad we could have played a match, after all, Gerry Adams did encourage us to form a Stormont team, I'n sure Edward the Hurler would look down favourably upon that??????
Beir Bua!

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