Sunday, 1 November 2009

A small success

For some time now a number of people living along Mountforde Road have lobbied me regarding the planters at the front of their homes.

The planters had become overgrown and unkempt, like many of these same ‘flowerbeds’ throughout the district the residents living beside them were tired of them and didn’t really see the need or point of them.

Last March, following a site meeting with representatives from the Housing Executive we were able to have the flowerbeds at Mountforde and several other parts of the area improved.

The work continued to have them removed; that is what the residents wanted.

Thankfully we have been able to secure the removal of the planters at Mountforde and with the planned environmental improvements at Strand Walk we are making strides in terms of improving the physical condition of the area but in particular where these planters are in such close proximity of people’s homes.

Initially the work was to improve what was there and many residents were glad that the shrubbery had been removed and that the planters lawned instead. Now, as the residents wanted, the whole planters are to be taken away. This will no doubt improve access and visibility even further.

We will continue to work with the Housing Executive in the time ahead, they are keen to make sure that the planters are replaced with something supported by residents and that will generally improve the appearance along Mountforde Road.

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