Monday, 23 November 2009

Seminar success!

Bairbre de Brún & Declan Allison (Friends of the Earth) with myself and Balmoral Rep Vincent Parker

Friday morning saw Alex Maskey host a seminar entitled “The Road to Copenhagen: The need for global agreement on climate change”.

Unfortunately Alex wasn’t able to attend, he was in Baghdad, but Sinn Féin’s Representative in Balmoral, Vincent Parker stepped in to chair the event.

The main address was delivered by MEP for the Six Counties Bairbre de Brún who spoke extensively on her work in the EU Parliament on the issue of climate change and in particular on her role on the environment committee. Bairbre opened her address as Gaeilge and made clear that while the language of the seminar would be English she was more than happy to take questions and answer them in Irish. During the Q&A a interesting question on the cost of becoming ‘greener’ was put to Bairbre as Gaeilge.

Bairbre has recently returned from Washington DC where members of the Environment committee were lobbying the US Congress and Senate on this very issue. Bairbre also spoke on the role of the EU in the run up to the global conference in Copenhagen which she will attend.

Bairbre was joined by Declan Allison from ‘Friends of the Earth’ who spoke of measures that we can take locally in terms of individual action but also in terms of political lobbying to help tackle the problem of climate change and global warming.

A varied group of interested organisations were represented at the seminar and during the question and answers session it was interesting to hear many of their contributions on both speakers contributions.

Afterwards lunch was served and I think that was where the main discussions took place, people took the opportunity to speak to Bairbre and she clearly enjoyed the opportunity to touch base with such a varied group on an issue very close to her and to their hearts.

The event will be covered more extensively in this weeks An Phoblacht.

UPDATE: Link to the article from An Phoblacht

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