Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Some of our MLA’s should be careful they don’t fall in!!

Some people will say I should spend less time looking out the office window and more time at the desk, but such is life!

As myself and David had a look over the grounds of Stormont from the window in Séanna’s office we weren’t too sure if what we thought we saw was actually what we were seeing!

“It’s just leaves!” says I

“I’m telling you, it isn’t, it’s something else!” says David

After I went down and had a look, turned out he was right.

Seems we have ourselves a Fairy Ring on the grounds of Stormont.

I made sure I didn’t fall in, who knows if anyone would even bother to pull me out!

Anyway, much folklore and legend applies to the presence of Fairy Ring’s or Fáinní Sídhe, and if I was the man who mows the grass in Stormont, I’d be careful to make sure I avoided it!

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