Wednesday, 18 November 2009

constituency round-up

First off is the on-going work at the junction of the Mountpottinger Road, Albertbridge Road and Castelreagh Street.

I have been lobbying for some time now to have a permanent, right turn put in place at that junction. Anyone who navigates this turn will know it's a difficult one; and one that has proved to be an issue of concern for the many commuters, both locally and from outside the area, who use it day and daily.

I actually took the opportunity to raise this issue with Roads Minister Conor Murphy recently and thankfully we are now seeing the work undertaken and I have no doubt drivers, as well as pedestrians will benefit from it when finished!

Next up we have the issue of the Housing Executive planters along Mountforde Road; they have been a bone of contention for residents along there for some time now. We had lobbied the HE last year and were successful in getting the vast over-growth removed from them, but at the wishes of the residents who live alongside the planters we ploughed ahead in trying to get them fully removed.
The Housing Executive acknowledged this and credit to them after some time, they agreed to remove the unwanted and unsightly planters.
Work is well underway at the minute, so me and local Sinn Féin Cumann member Gerard Pridgent took the opportunity to call and see local resident Tony Ward, who to be fair had been suffering greatly as a result of the planters presence in terms of unwanted dumping, litter, bad smell and anti-social activity.
So we are happy that the work is started and look forward to seeing the final results!

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