Thursday, 26 February 2009

mind your own carbon footprint Sammy!!!

I was enjoying lunch in the Stormont canteen today when Daithí McKay and Cathal Boylan came along for some lunch of their own after having just finished in the Environment committee.

Sammy Wilson was before the Committee today.

Comrade McKay filled me in on some of the events............

Prepared as always and never one to miss an opportunity Sammy regaled each Committee member with their own individual carbon footprint i.e. given how much they travelled to and from Stormont etc.

Good man Sammy, quick as a whippet as always.

Sadly for him just not as quick as young McKay!

Daithí thanked Sammy for his useful information and contribution but he also suggested, in order to reduce his own carbon footprint, he take a leaf out of Sinn Féin's book and save the earth by staying away from that foreign Parliament over in Westminster.

Go on Sammy, save the environment and help build the Republic.

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