Monday, 2 February 2009

Re-opening and dedication of Saint Matthews

Saint Matthews Chapel re-opened it's doors yesterday after just over a years worth of renovation.

I think half the district was there, overall I'd say they are impressed with the refurbishment, I know I am!
Bhí an tEaspaig Treanor i láthair inné ag céiliúradh an Aifreann. Ócáid deas, spéisialta agus iontach tabhachtach do cuid mhór daoine a bhí ann. We also saw the return of Fr Martin O'Hagan, one of the 'singing' Priests.
The Chapel means a lot to the people of this community, in many ways it's a symbol of our progression as one of Belfast's oldest communities. It is over a century old and has seen many changes take place around it. It has been bombed, it has been shot at, it has been a place of worship, of solace, of sanctuary, of peace, it has seen local people give their lives in its defence, it has been a scene of much sadness and of much joy for generations of people in Ballymacarrett.
The refurbishment no doubt sets it well ahead for the next century. It was fitting that the re-opening to place on na Féile Bríde, St Brigit's Day, a date in the ancient calendar which heralded the beginning of Spring, of new life. Comhgairdeas d'achan duine a raibh páirteach san obair seo, maith sibh fhéin uilig, sár oibre atá i gceist.

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