Monday, 9 February 2009

Slán abhaile Nelson.....

So Nelson was ejected from the Assembly Chamber again today after refusing to withdraw comments he made about Gerry Adams in a debate last week. This is the second time that Nelson has been asked to leave the Assembly due to his inability to withdraw baseless remarks about another MLA.
Sílm go bhfuil Nelson ag iarraidh tógtha leis an phoiblíocht a fhaigheann sé agus deirfhinn go bhfuil seo i bhfad níos fusa aige a dhéanamh na ionadaíocht éifeachtach a dhéanamh ar son na daoine a thug vóta do sa chéad dul síos.
Of course Nelson is becoming increasingly fond of the media that comes along with his pre-planned 'controversy' as opposed to actually engaging the business of the Assembly, i.e. working on behlaf of the people who elect him. I know that if I was a North Belfast voter I would be asking myself, in this time of economic hardship, is their DUP MLA value for money?????

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