Thursday, 29 January 2009

This time it's Ravenhill's turn

So the South & East Belfast Sinn Féin team have moved on from Rosetta and will spend the next two weeks carrying out the constituency survey in Ravehill.

Already a number of issues have been highlighted and Alex Maskey has already been in touch with constituents in Rosetta regarding a varied of issues highlighted during the survey.

For me this is a further positive opportunity to engage with residents in Ravehill as it falls into the Pottinger Council Constituency.

We'll be out and about again over the coming two weeks and I look forward to meeting people on the doors and hearing their issues, One consistent one for me tonight was the issue of the proposed extension to Belfast City Airport. Sinn Féin opposes the extension and stands firm in calling for a public inquiry into any proposed extension, as someone who lives in the Short Strand I know full well the difficulties in living under a flight path and sympathise completely with the residents who brought their concerns to out attention tonight during the survey.

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