Monday, 19 January 2009

Gerry K in the Philippines

Bhí an tAire Gearóid Ó Ceallaigh sna hOileáin Fhilipíneacha ag iarraidh cuidiú le próiseás síochána ansin tríd iad a chuir ar an eolais faoin próiseás anseo in Éirinn.

Bhí iar-comhairleoir Tony Blair, Jonathon Powell ann chomh maith.

Gerry Kelly has returned from a stint in the Philippines, with former advisor to Tony Blair, Jonathon Powell. Gerry was there giving some insight into the peace process here in Ireland, hopefully being able to assist the fledgling process in that country.

This is another example of conflicts across the world looking towards the key players in the process here in Ireland, for guidance and sometimes even assistance.

Martin McGuinness has been in Sri-Lanka, Alex Maskey in the Basque Country and Gerry Adams has, in past, visited the Middle East.

While accepting that the process here has had its fair amount of ups and downs, it seems that throughout the world the key players here are identified as people who might have a practical input in trying to resolve issues there.

Although to be fair to Gerry, and I think he is right when he said this on Stormont Live earlier, you shouldn’t go to these places presuming you have any great insight into the conflict there. Nothing worse than being preached to I suppose; but if it’s an insight into building peace here in Ireland they want, then Gerry has been working at it for quite some time!

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