Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Is a change gonna come???

The famous Sam Cooke song 'A change is gonna come' is certainly in my personal top ten favourite songs and it has been used time and time again during the campaign and subsequent election of the USA's first African American Uachtarán; I'd say it is apt.

As I sit sit here I am watching Barack Obama making his first speach as the 44th President of the United States of America. A great task lies ahead, it remains to be seen how much Barack Obama can do or more importantly is allowed to do as Uachtarán.
What cannot be denied at this stage, is the quiet significance of Sam Cooke's (himself an often overlooked African American figure) song. Certainly a change has come, Barack Obama is now President; what the citizens of the US and people throughout the world must now see is more change and real change at that.
I think Gerry Adams summed it up well on his blog;
"Republican Ireland will look to the new administration to help encourage movement towards unity and an end to the partition of our small island. Plenty of work for Irish America and our friends. The rest of the world, including Ireland, will look also for peace in the Middle East and Iraq, for even-handedness everywhere and for progress on the big environmental issues. So tomorrow marks the beginning of all of that. We hope."

Go néirí leat Barack, tá súil againn gur féidir leat.

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