Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Tá siad ag labhairt leo

Long day up here in Stormont today, the financial Assistance Bill (which contained 11 amendments) is still being discussed, the SDLP's Dolores Kelly is winding on the motion now.

After that there's due to be a report from the Assembly and Executive Review Committee and then Sinn Féin's motion on the crisis in Gaza, agus 7:20i.n.!!!!!!

Á bhuel, sin mar atá. Is léir go mbeidh na mBall Tionóla (agus Foireann s'acu!!) anseo ar feadh tamailín go fóil.

It has been a long and interesting debate today, at times getting fairly heated and at others slightly mundane. It was interesting to see the SDLP, Alliance and UUP taking part in a joint press conference outside the Assembly Chamber earlier on today. I must say I laughed as I stood in Stormont's Halla Mór listening to Dolores Kelly comparing a piece of financial legislation (aimed at assisting the Executive in being able to help citizens during times of crisis such as flooding, fuel poverty or the recent food contamination) to the Special Powers Act!

Here we have a woman (who has just been warmly congratulated by the UUP's Basil McCrea during the debate in the chamber) standing, much like the SDLP Minister Margaret Ritchie did a few short months ago, with the Ulster Unionists. The reason I laughed was because Dolores probably didn't see the irony in standing beside the political party responsible for the Special Powers Act, while criticising the party who suffered the most as a result of it!

It is becoming increasinly apparent on a daily basis that the SDLP is a totally rudderless ship, with one foot in the Executive and the rest in opposing every single thing brought before the Assembly.

bhfuil siad ag dul na laethanta seo????


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  2. Dean dearma foai mo comment. Tá mé dall!!!!