Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Is fearr an tsláinte ná an táinte.....

The old irish proverb, 'Is fearr an tsláinte an táinte' means 'Health is better than wealth' and I bore that in mind as I headed to the health day in the Short Strand Community Centre this morning.

Caithfidh comhgairdeas a sheoladh chuig Kelly agus Dee agus na ngrúpaí uilig a bhí i láthair ar máidín. Bhí grúpaí sláinte agus comhairliúchán i láthair ag tabhairt eolais do muintir na Trá Ghiorra an máidín ar fad. Maith sibh agus go raibh maith agaibh ar fad.

I took a number of tests myself, one where you put your head into a small box with, what i presume, was UV lights meant to highlight any skin damage caused by exposure to the sun. I was informed I had a bit of sun damage across the bridge of my nose. Some of the girls who are fond of the sunbeds weren't too keen on what they saw in the mirror when the UV lights went on. I'm lots of things but a sun worshipper isn't one of them.

I then moved on to have my blood sugar levels checked, my friend Dearbhlagh Fhloinn suffers from diabetes and I had seen this done a million times before when we were at school. The only problem is i am incredibly cowardly when it comes to needles (even the wee tiny ones they use for this!!). But as always i struggled on for Ireland. Turns out the level was 6.3 and apparently it should be under 11 so I'm pretty happy with that result, buíochas le dia.

From there on to the old blood pressure test, i asked the medical student from Queens University (who along with several others is on placement in the community centre to learn the importance of engaging with people within the medical profession) what I should be looking at for a 23 year old non-smoker. He told me anything under 130 was good. It was 128 so i still maintain I'm doing well. One local community worker (who shall remain nameless........Bernie) shouted over 'get out of politics and it'll soon drop!'

Mar sin de creidim go bhfuil ceart go leor, fiú mba dheachaigh giota thar fomhair le linn saoire na nollaig.

To finish up I partook of one the Turkish shaves on offer, a very relaxing experience. Ronan from Bytes in the Community Centre was kind enough to take my photo while i sat on the chair looking a bit like Dáidí na Nollaig, while waiting for the blade. Maybe they'll send me the photo to put up here.

Anois, beidh orm deánamh cinnte go oibrím chun mo chuid brú fola a fháil anuas gan mhoill (mhol m'áintín dom stad ag glacadh cuid mhór salann le mo chuid bia) agus áit a bhaint amach i mBéal Feirste a dhéanann na mbearr Túircíse!!!!

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